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Publication: Energy Efficient Vehicles 2015

Visions, Trends and Solutions for Energy Efficient Vehicle Systems

Bernard Bäker, Lutz Morawietz and 56 Co-Authors

Energy efficiency has been a major topic regarding automotive engineering in recent years and will still be of high importance in the following years. Thus, in this book the topic of energy efficient vehicles is discussed with focus on electrified vehicle systems, electric/electronic-architectures, energy management, energetic infrastructure, and traction batteries. Also, the application of new technologies is discussed with a special on public transportation systems.

This book presents the proceedings to the 4th International Conference on Energy Efficient Vehicles (ICEEV 2015), whick took place on June the 16th an 17th 2015 in Dresden, Germany.

Contents: Ökologie, Ökonomie und Komplexität – Driving Cycle Efficiency Evaluation of a Multi-Phase Drive for Low Voltage High Power Electric Vehicles – A 110kW/L, 200Nm/L Downsized Gasoline Engine with a High-Speed, Permanent Magnet Electric Supercharger – Impact analysis of the electrified auxiliary system on HEV/PHEV energy efficiency – Automated High Voltage Battery Architecture Optimization – A Modular Design and Optimization Framework for Energy Efficient E/E Architectures – Extension of PREEvision models with a physical energetic analysis level using Dymola – Early Energy Estimation of Heterogeneous Embedded Networks within Adaptive Systems – Combined platooning and energy management with high integrity – Power-Trading Strategy for Electrical Loads Control – Optimization-based Energy Management System for Pure Electric Vehicles – Aspects of Power Management in Fleet Charging of EV – Predicting demand of energy consumption in EV charging facilities – Analysis of battery aging as factor of economic efficiency of an EV – Cluster analysis of customer driving patterns for car efficiency optimization – Assuring Interoperability between Conductive EV and EVSE Charging Systems – Traction batteries for vehicles: from specification to series application – Challenges for Future Power Trains Utilising New Battery Chemistries – Challenges of Pure Electric Driving in the Field of Public Transport - Energy Efficiency as Necessity for Usability – Development of Cost-Efficient Electrification Strategies for Public Transport Bus Networks
Interested parties: Researchers, developers, product planners and managers of car manufacturers, system suppliers, service providers and research institutes
Editors: Univ.-Prof. Bernard Bäker, Chair of Vehicle Mechatronics, Dresden Institute of Automobile Engineering – IAD, Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden; Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Morawietz, Chair of Vehicle Mechatronics, Technische Universität Dresden; IAM GmbH, Dresden