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Energy Efficient Vehicles Conference

2nd International Energy Efficient Vehicles Conference 2012

June 18th and 19th 2012 in Dresden

"New concepts and solutions for energy efficient vehicles of tomorrow and their integration in the energetic infrastructure"

The ongoing demand for optimization of today’s (auto-) mobility concepts towards increased efficiency and customer perceivable functionality, can only be realized using novel mechatronic sensor, control and actuator systems. This development trend is especially evident in the field of alternative or hybrid/full electric power train systems in all kinds of vehicles.

In this context, the 2nd International Conference on Mechatronic Systems for Energy-Efficient Vehicles 2012 will take place from June 18th – 19th, 2012, in Dresden, Germany.

This conference intends to present and to discuss multiple new solutions and approaches. These include subsidiary  systems and design methods for a holistic energetic consideration of (hybrid) electric vehicles and their infrastructure integration, vehicle-internal  high performing  and  efficient  controls,  algorithms  for foresighted vehicle operation, and energy management strategies with relevant sensor and actuator systems.

A special conference program for Energy Efficient Vehicle Conference 2012 has been prepared encompassing contributions and presentations by researchers, developers, product planners and managers of OEMs, system suppliers and research institutes. In addition three keynote speakers will expand the field of view upon this energy efficient mobility and the development trends.

The key topics of the conference are:

  • Energy management strategies for efficient vehicles
  • New mechatronic systems and solutions for reducing energy consumption
  • Vehicle electric/ electronic architectures
  • Design methods, processes and SW/HW tools
  • Field tests, field reports and practical experiences
  • Modeling and simulation of energy efficient power trains
  • New energy storage systems: system specification and integration, battery management/ supervisory control
  • sensor/information systems for efficient mobility concepts (vehicle internal, integrated in traffic infrastructure, cooperative) 

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