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1st International Energy Efficient Vehicle Conference 2011

We are pleased to introduce the first International Automotive Electronics Conference for Energy-Efficient Vehicles 2011 being held June 30 - July 1, 2011 in Dresden, Germany.
The ongoing demand for optimization of today’s (auto-) mobility concepts towards increased effi ciency and customer perceivable functionality, can only be realized using novel mechatronic sensor, control and actuator systems. This development trend is especially evident in the fi eld of alternative or hybrid/full electric power train systems of vehicles.
In this context, the 1st International Conference on Mechatronic Systems for Energy-Effi cient Vehicles is announced and will take place from June 30th – July 1st, 2011, in Dresden, Germany. This conference follows the successful automotive conference “Electronics in Vehicles” and intends to present and to discuss new solutions and approaches, subsidiary systems and design methods for a holistic energetic consideration of (hybrid) electric vehicles and their infrastructure integration, vehicleinternal high-performing and effi cient controls, algorithms for foresighted vehicle operation and energy management strategies with relevant sensor and actuator systems.
A special conference program for Energy Efficient Vehicle Conference 2011 has been prepared containing contributions and presentations by researchers, developers, product planners and managers of all main German and international OEMs, system suppliers and research institutes. We sincerely invite you to join Energy Efficient Vehicle Conference 2011.
Sincerely yours,

Prof. B. Bäker L. Morawietz

Accompanying Trade Exhibition

Companies and research institutes of the automotive and energy supply industry sector are invited to offer and present their activities, system ideas and solutions as well as their innovative products in the fi eld of vehicle mechatronics at the accompanying trade exhibition. Please contact the conference organisers for further details.